I started to work with chows in 1987. I founded the Le-Szi-Ni Chow Chow Kennel in 1991 when my first puppies born from my bitch, called Cso-Csi-Ni Peggy, who later on the Budapest Euro Dog Show won the Europe Winner price in 1993. In this year I imported from the U.S.A. Lee Joy’s Jack Frost named dog and this couple based the history of my Kennel. Their attributes and excellent genes become advantage to the next generation and the chow chow population of Hungary until today.

In 1997. the MEOE (hungarian member of FCI) gave me brass gradation, in 1999. silver and in 2000. I got the gold gradation master breeder title because of the results of the dogs which born in my Kennel. It’s the most appreciative and honorific title in Hungary.

Meanwhile I combinated 13 countries excellent bloodlines with the quality of mine. Now I work on the selective breeding of the blue coloured and the smooth kind chow chows.



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    Egy két éves szuka és egy két éves kan chow chow díjmentesen adoptálható kennelünkből!



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